Cleansing and Detoxification of the Body

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Many people have asked me what are the differences between cleansing and detoxification. If you believe that our world, our universe is first frequency and that our physical manifestation follows an energy signature blueprint, then you can imagine that helping to re-establish our original energy signature could be healing. So, that said, what are the best methods to facilitate such healing?

Bodywork, massage, Watsu, Jin Shin, acupuncture, energy work, frequency generators (the Rife machine) and exercise will all increase the movement of energy within the body, and will begin to cleanse various areas while breaking up congestion and pain. As these methods are used regularly, more energy flows naturally, one begins to feel more enlivened and physically more aware and alert.

If conditions - physical disabilities, injuries, disease, medications, and our toxic environment of air, water and soil - have been accumulating for a while or years, you can imagine the time and energy that will be required to shift the body into higher levels of health and wellness. As congestion builds, toxins build and now the body, in an attempt to stay functional and alive, will dilute the toxic areas by holding on to fat and water. Yes, fat and water add more stress to the body, but that is much better than the toxins free-floating throughout our system.

Without adding the critical component of detoxification, you will continue to just keep moving energy and toxins around within your body. Some will certainly exit through the urine, bowels and sweat, but if you are serious about moving forward, that will not be sufficient. You must add detoxification.

Over the years, many types of detoxification have been employed by our ancestors to rid the body of harmful substances. Today, in our age of technology and our understanding of the human body's reactions, we are able to make this journey gentler with more options than ever before. And make no mistake; detoxification is also a powerful way to move energy within the body with the express purpose of toxic release and relief. And, many of the methods for detoxification are rapidly becoming home remedies.When blood and urine analyses are taken before and after treatments, the primary toxins that are released are heavy metals, yeast, fungus and parasites. The pH is also critical to our health and immune system, and this is usually too low. Our ideal would be a pH on the alkaline side - 7.2 to 7.3. Detoxification supports these shifts. As the body cleans and detoxifies, the previously held fat and water simply go away, we lose weight very easily and naturally.

To mention a few: far-infrared sauna, ionic foot bath, therapeutic clay treatments, herbal cleansing and detoxification kits, ear candling, enemas and colonics.