The Cure for All Diseases (Frequency Generator) aka rife machine

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT and Frank LeBeau

Imagine a medical treatment that doesn’t require surgery or drugs, (not even a vitamin or herb), a simple, non invasive procedure that only takes three minutes, and has no unpleasant side effects. Imagine if this procedure could cure all the major illnesses that plague modern civilization and could do so for a minimal cost. Such a treatment would truly revolutionize modern medicine. Now imagine if this technology were not just a wild theoretical dream, but already existed. In fact just such a technology has existed for over 70 years, and the man who invented it was Dr. Royal Rife.

In 1934 a medical study was conducted at the University of Southern California in which 16 terminally ill cancer patients were treated with a machine called a “frequency generator” designed and built by Dr. Rife. This machine beamed a radio sound wave of a particular frequency at each patient for three minutes a day. After three months 14 of the patients had completely recovered. The treatment of the two remaining patients continued three more months, after which, they too, were completely cured. Sixteen out of sixteen, terminal cancer patients, given up for dead by the medical experts, were cured by this procedure. What made Rife’s machine work?

Rife knew that cancer was caused by a virus because he had seen it in live tissue samples taken from tumors. In 1933 Rife invented his patented Universal Microscope, a complex instrument with 5862 parts that used crystal lens, prisms and polarized light to create a magnification of 25,000 times. Dr. Rife was the first human to ever see a live virus. Unlike electron microscopes that kill viruses when they broadcast their electrons at them, Rife’s powerful light microscope didn’t harm these organisms.

Rife also knew that each disease causing organism, or “pathogen” naturally vibrated at a particular frequency. He discovered that if he replicated this vibration and turned up the magnitude, then like an opera singer shatters a crystal glass by singing the correct high pitched note, he could shatter the cell membranes of any pathogen and thereby cure whatever disease it caused. Earlier, Rife had used this technique to destroy the cell membranes of tuberculosis and typhoid cells in his laboratory.

Dr. Rife made film recordings of his process in which the live, moving cancer virus is suddenly halted when the correct beam of a radio frequency is emitted. When he injected the now dead virus into a test animal, the animal failed to contract the disease. Rife’s experiments confirmed that cancer was caused by a virus and that the right sound frequency could kill this virus and thereby cure the disease, facts substantiated by research conducted at McGill University in Montreal which duplicated his experiments.

In 1934 a leading Southern California physician, Dr. Milbank Johnson held a banquet in celebration of Dr. Rife’s 100% cure rate of the 16 patients from the USC study. He invited 44 of the nation’s most distinguished medical scholars of the day and titled the event, “The End of All Disease”. The Beam Ray Company formed to manufacture and sell Rife’s machine, but only 14 were sold before a costly lawsuit over control of the company forced bankruptcy. The handful of doctors who purchased the machines and used them to treat their patients reported a 90% cure rate.

Shortly thereafter penicillin and other antibiotics became available, and before Rife’s frequency generator could be marketed again, the AMA, controlled by the notorious Dr. Morris Fishbein, prevented its use. In 1960, John Crane, an electrical engineer who helped Dr. Rife design and build a more advanced machine, was arrested and jailed for three years in spite of courtroom testimony from more than a dozen witnesses who said they were cured of their illnesses using his model.

Dr. Rife was devastated by the continual attacks on his research. During his career, arsonists burned his laboratory; his papers and films were stolen, others confiscated by the police; his microscope was vandalized and parts stolen. He was shunned by the AMA and some of his colleagues were bribed into withdrawing their support for his research. He died in 1971 largely from abuse of alcohol and valium. Today his Universal Microscope is on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

Interest in Rife technology continued after his death and today various frequency generators are legally sold “for research purposes only.” No such machine is FDA approved. Researchers claim that Rife frequency generators have successfully treated many cancers, arthritis, diabetes, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Lyme disease, etc. The key to success seems to be finding the precise frequency that kills a particular pathogen. Dr. Royal Rife was a brilliant scientist whose far reaching work to cure infectious disease remains unfinished. Once it is completed, humanity may finally possess the cure for all disease.

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Dr. Royal Rife

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