Kathleen Huber Christ:

Licensed massage therapist, certified practitioner of:

  • Adult, infant, Swedish & deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, reiki.
  • Internationally Certified in Watsu and Wassertanzen Water Massage.

Since 1993, St Louis Aquatic Healing Center offers massage and detoxification therapies
such as: acugraph (finds imbalances in meridian system), rebirthing breath-work (deep cellular cleansing), chi machine (oxygenates blood, frees blocked energy & more), ear candling (removes wax and toxins from ears), far-infrared sauna(releases toxins from the body), ionic foot soaks (draws out toxins and heavy metals through feet),lymphatic drainage (cleanses the body's lymphatic system which is responsible for removing toxins from the body), rife machine frequency generator (has successfully treated many conditions and pathogens), shamanic work (soul retrieval, severing of attachments, cleansing sacred spaces), Wassertanzen and Watsu (warm water shiatsu massage, relieves pain, muscle tension & revitalizes internal organs). Outcalls for massage, ear candling, and foot soaks available.

St. Louis Aquatic EXCLUSIVE :
PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY - Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) have been used successfully and extensively on more than ten thousand people for over 60 years and for many conditions throughout the world. Though many therapies using PEMFs have been FDA-approved, most doctors and therapists in the US are unfamiliar with this type of treatment. Over 6,600 white papers and research are available from Russia, Asia and Europe on the effectiveness of treating many diseases with PEMFs.

QUANTUM PULSE MACHINE - detoxifies and tunes organs to healthy optimum functioning; see articles in the August & September 2008 issues of Healthy Planet.