Red Light Cold Laser Therapy

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

With the correct equipment, properly used, low-level lasers have been clinically shown to:
*reduce pain and inflammation
*increase cellular energy and cell permeability (so that the nutrients the cells need to heal, can get into the cell)
*help correct faulty DNA
Injury and illness create an interruption of energy to the cells of the human body. The body will not recover until the proper amount and type of energy is restored to these cells but once that energy is restored…the body can recover from almost everything!
Suggested Protocol:
This laser is a 40-head 5 mWatt per head red laser and is very powerful. Blue goggles are recommended to protect your eyes while using this laser. There are many meridians in the human body, and if you are working on a pain spot, age spot, lump or bump, you may easily be working on a meridian. After only a minute or two, you may notice referred energy, tingling, pain, heat, pulsing or some other reaction in a different location (perhaps in a different quadrant of the body) due to the meridian being fully stimulated. If this occurs, you are completed in that spot and should discontinue.

We have discovered the best use practice with the 40-head red light laser is every other day for the torso and head, but every day seems to be fine for the extremities (legs, feet, arms and hands). If you have a serious condition, for instance, like cancer, you may find it works best for 3 minutes once or twice a week on the organ that is involved. Please go very slowly with a difficult situation as you can hurt the fragile organ and/or detox way too quickly. You will become very sick.

You may use the red light laser up to 6 minutes in any one spot, if you have no reactions and up to a total of 18 minutes a day all over your body. Please be mindful not to overuse the limit per day, as it can make you detox, create too many white blood cells, and/or cause fatigue.

If you have any of those reactions, please refrain from using the laser until all the symptoms have subsided…perhaps a couple of days, up to a week.

If you have any questions or problems with the laser, please call us at 314-432-5228.

May you grow stronger and healthier every day.


Kathleen and Mimi